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Who We Are?

The South East Asian Education Trust was established in the year 2000 with the main objective to provide academic excellence to all sections of society. The trust focuses on imparting quality education, disciplined integrated personality development, research, management skills to face global challenges.

The campus at South East Asian Education Trust with its extensively landscaped garden, is widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful school in Bangalore, harmoniously combining buildings and open spaces. S.E.A.E.T prides itself on its world-class facilities, intermingled with the heritage-protected buildings and state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, including lecture and performance theaters, tutorial space, studios and laboratories. S.E.A.E.T has computer laboratories throughout the campus, carrying the latest software & hardware in general and subject-specific.


To make the institution vibrant in the field of legal education and one of the best in the country to provide systematic education and produce law graduates who lead the country in the right direction. To elevate the college to the level of the nation’s top-tier law schools by building good academic excellence. To strive for excellence in the legal profession and promote innovative research activities to create a platform for various opportunities in their career.


Our goal is to create efficient and eminent Legal Luminaries in the field of Law with a view to strengthen, promote and sustain effective Teaching and learning Legal Skills through innovative methods.


To strengthen our society by providing quality and socially relevant legal education and produce professionally competent lawyers, who can provide best legal services to every common man and to inculcate in every one a sprit of high moral and human values, and to promote commitment to rule of law and legal consciousness in order to sustain and strengthen our democracy.

Our Core Values

 To enable students to understand the law in action and the dynamic interplay between law and other social phenomena.
 To inculcate among the students a strong sense of ethics, civic duty, social and professional responsibility and sensitivity towards the needs of the community.
 To help the students in acquiring and improving the skills of analysis and reasoning skills of constructing an argument and the effective communication of that argument both orally and in writing.
 To provide students a helping hand in discovering their own potentialities and setting them in achieving the highest goals in life and professional career.